Mount Diablo State Park and Recreation Area

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Mt. Diablo is a major geological feature in Contra-Costa County California. Its highest peak rises to 3854 ft.

View from Concord

The park is a small world unto itself and provides an excellent outdoor experience as the noisy cluttered and all to fast-moving world around it disappear in the canyons and upon the meadows within.

On a good day you can sit and listen to the wind rustling in the distant pines while watching the hawks circling above. Watch out for rattlers on the trail, and please don't step on the tarantulas in the late summer and autumn.

For the auto visitor there is a road to the peak and numerous trails. There are three campgrounds and several good picnic stops along the paved road.

From the top you can "see forever" (on a clear day). It is said that the distances you could see from its peak is the farthest of any mountain in the world. This may be true since there are no other mountains anywhere near that are much above 2500 ft. so sight lines in many directions are to distant horizons.

The park offers endless natural refreshment in the way of wild flowers, mountain streams and meadows; wildlife, towering cliffs and plunging ravines -- and just the special peace of a still nearly wild environment.

For an official visit click here to go to the Mt. Diablo State Park website. For more info including hikes and geology, visit the Mt. Diablo Interpretative Assn. website or the Save Mt. Diablo Assn. website. Both include more photos maps and info.


The photos here are a tradeoff between reasonable file size and reasonable view quality. Photos were taken either in 1999 or in 2002 or 2003. 1999 photos taken with 35mm pocket camera and scanned. Later photos are taken using an Olympus E100-RS digital camera and are of obvious higher quality.

Also some have been enhanced to show the salient scenery at the expense of the background. No, there are no halos here. Those are the result of extreme enhancement of the foreground features.

    Green again - 1999 (Click on photo for some digital magic)    
    Poison hemlock blooms by the stream    
    Califoria poppies and other flowers adorn the fields    
  Looking West - San Francisco Bay and the Coastal Range in the distance
  Looking East - view includes towns of Clayton (nearest on right), Concord, Martinez. Pleasant Hill, and possibly Walnut Creek to the left
  Northwest -  "green hills" - Masrch 2003
      Purple flower    
  Southwest from the peak - more radio facilities and the approach road

Looking North - Martinez at dusk from 1000 ft - March 12, 2003

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NOTE: Movie was taken later and is darker but for the twinkling lights. Lens at 10X optical zoom.

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